I have broken down my career into decades which you can click on at the left. I have both a run down of the pictures I have worked on and a portfolio image to represent the work... Maybe even a little gossip from the time we had working on the picture. Let's see how frisky I get.... 

(Remember: Sketches of Disney characters you will see are NOT images of me trying to draw designs that already exist. These sketches are the ideas I created from scratch that later were taken by animators and became the characters you are familiar with today.)

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Villains I had a huge influence on. Love me my baddies!


Sue has joined the Scantic River Artisans. Come see art made by local artists of various mediums. Find out more about SRC at this link.

Sue is now a Certified Gemologist by the International Gem Society! Sue became a gemologist to help better identify gems in jewelry bought and sold by the company she and her husband run, CSM Collectables. Find it on Ebay.


My husband and I are looking for a new career to pay for the kids in college. Check it out.


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All photos and art displayed on this site are protected under copyright law.

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