Disney's Aladdin, the Making of an Animated Film

Tale As Old As Time: The Making of Beauty and the Beast

The Art of the Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Art of Hercules

The Art of Hercules, Collector's Edition

Disney's Art Of Animation from Mickey Mouse to Hercules.

Disney's Animation Magic

Disney's Animation Magic, Millennium Edition

Makin' Toons

Pizza Patty

Lucia of Fatima

Gerald Scarfe's Drawing Blood

Tiana's New Dream

The Art Of Princess and the Frog

WDA Archive Series: Design

Mother Nichols' Down 'N' Dirty Design

Mother Nichols' Down 'N' Dirty Design Diary

My Trip To Funny Land

Mother Nichols' Color Palette


There's a new animnation book I will be featured in! Hopefully coming out in 2019. Until then, it's hush hush. :)

My chapter in "Art of Animation from Mickey Mouse to Hercules".


Sue has joined the Scantic River Artisans. Come see art made by local artists of various mediums. Find out more about SRC at this link.

Sue is now a Certified Gemologist by the International Gem Society! Sue became a gemologist to help better identify gems in jewelry bought and sold by the company she and her husband run, CSM Collectables. Find it on Ebay.


My husband and I are looking for a new career to pay for the kids in college. Check it out.


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